Gourmage offers a variety of fine foods for your personal or corporate needs. Whether you’re planning a casual business lunch, bridal shower, house party, or even coffee and desserts for friends, we’re happy to help you plan the menu.

We prepare all of our foods on disposable serve ware, but if you have serving pieces you’d prefer us to use, we’re happy to help you personalize your party. Also, for an additional fee, we can provide disposable utensils, paper products and drink ware for serving.
Box Lunches
Each lunch includes your choice of sandwich, a bag of chips, a fresh fruit cup and a gourmet chocolate. Sandwich choices are Chicken Salad on croissant, Tuna Salad on croissant, Petite French Ham & Swiss on baguette, or Petite Roast Beef with Horseradish Havarti on baguette
$12 per lunch (Choose shrimp salad on croissant for $14 per lunch)

Luncheon Sandwiches; served on platter
Choose from Chicken Salad on croissant, Tuna Salad on croissant, Petite French Ham & Swiss on baguette, or Petite Roast Beef with Horseradish Havarti on baguette. Condiments of mustard and mayonnaise provided. $8 each
(Choose shrimp salad on croissant for $10 each)

Baguette (Submarine) Sandwiches $35
(They're about 20" long, so they're great for a small group)

The Turkey: Smoked turkey, Havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion with chipotle mayonnaise
The Italian: Salami, mortadella, ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion with red wine vinaigrette
The Primo: Fresh mozzarella and prosciutto with basil-infused extra virgin olive oil; (seasonal tomatoes or sundried tomato spread on request: +$5)
The French: French ham and French brie with honey mustard

Take 'n' Bake Mac & Cheese
Our Mac 'n' Cheese was voted winner of "The Best Mac & Cheese" in New Braunfels by readers of the TX Citizen in 2016!
Packed for you in a foil pan, ready to go in the oven. Our flavors always change, so call us we can chat about what we can do for you.
One pound: $15 (feeds about 4 as a side)
Two pounds: $25


Cheese Platters
Check out our cheese platter options! We have a number of sizes available, and all come with fruit, nuts and toasted baguette pieces. Cheeses are cheesemongers choice, but if you prefer to make your own selection, we would be happy to provide a price estimate. And remember, you can add meats and/or chocolates to your platter as well.

For something really spectacular, check out our cheese wheel cakes!

Side Salads (4-6 servings per pound)
Fresh fruit salad: $10 per pound
Couscous salad: $10 per pound
(Spinach, feta and tomato, with house-made, sweet honey-vanilla vinaigrette)
Quinoa Kale salad: $11 per pound
Black Rice Salad: $12 per pound
(Haricot vert, edamame, tomato, feta cheese)
House-made Shrimp Salad

Mixed Salads (all house-made)
Chicken Salad: $10 per pound
Tuna Salad: $10 per pound
Shrimp Salad: $15 per pound

French Croissants
Freshly-baked, flakey, buttery French croissants; with fruit preserves.
Dozen $30
Half-dozen $18

Green Salad
Lovely mixed greens sprinkled with feta cheese and a medley of fresh vegetables including carrots, English cucumber and tomato and topped with house-made croutons. Accompanied by Gourmage Earl Grey vinaigrette dressing.
Small: $25 (8-10 servings)
Large: $40 (16-20 servings)
Like many things we offer here at Gourmage, all of our soups are made from scratch. As such, we can usually accommodate any request. Customer favorites include Tuscan White Bean, Cream of Wild Mushroom topped with Butter Roasted Walnuts, Taco, Broccoli Cheddar and of course, tomato. There are many other options, so call us for a consult. Price may vary based on final selection.

1 quart: $12 (serves 3-6)
2 quarts: $22 (serves 7-10)
3 quarts: $30 (serves 11-15)
Green Chili with Smoked Turkey Soup
Cold hors d'oeuvres 

Melon & Prosciutto Platter (serves 5-10) $25
Fresh, sweet melon with perfectly salted prosciutto. Delicious and refreshing!

Grilled Vegetable Platter
Includes seasonal vegetables such as zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, red onion.
Small: $35 (serves 10-15)
Medium: $45 (serves 15-20)
Large: $60 (serves 20-25)

Caprese Kabobs (two dozen) $25
Fresh mozzarella and cherry tomato drizzled with basil-infused extra virgin olive oil

Caprese Salad (seasonal)
Small: $40 (serves 10-15)
Medium: $50 (serves 15-20)
Large: $70 (serves 20-25)
House-made mozzarella with local Farmer’s Market tomatoes and fresh basil; drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

Shrimp Cocktail
Tender shrimp served with lemon and handmade Baltimore-style Cocktail Sauce
Small: $50 Serves 6-8
Medium: $75 Serves 9-12
Large: $100 Serves 13-16

Smoked Salmon, creme fraiche and fresh dill on blini (2 dozen) $30

Warm hors d'oeuvres

Green Chili Jack Cheese Dip
One pound; heat and serve with one baguette, sliced and toasted $15
Two pounds; heat and serve with two baguettes $25
A perfect balance of mild Jack cheese and green chili heat.

Truffle Risotto Puffs (2 dozen) $30
An exquisite blending of mushrooms, white wine, Arborio rice and black truffle in a phyllo flower
Chocolate Truffles (we choose; a variety of flavors): $25 per dozen
Wedding Cake Truffles: $38 per dozen (pre-order required)
Mini salted caramel chocolate chip cookies: $6 per dozen (minimum 3 dozen)
Mini Lavender Lemonade Butter  Cookies: $6 per dozen (minimum 3 dozen)